ACS Dallas Fingerprinting has the FBI FD258 Cards available for purchase!

ACS Fingerprinting technicians are experts at recording your fingerprints on the FBI FD258 card. They provide fingerprinting and notary service in their office, centrally located in Irving, TX or, if time is urgent to you, they will come to your location.

Besides providing expert and professional fingerprint service, they also keep a large inventory of FBI FD258 cards, Texas Department of Public Safety cards, Child Safe Fingerprint Cards, and FBI Personal Fingerprinting cards that are all available to purchase.

Whether you need 1 card or 100 cards, ACS Fingerprinting can supply them to you.

Simply call them at 214-793-1155 or 214-733-7105 and give them the number cards you need, your credit or debit card information, and they will mail them to you the same day.

You may also go to: and purchase them through the web-site PRODUCTS PAGE via PayPal. and purchase them through the web-site PRODUCTS page via PayPal.

Once payment is made, your cards will be shipped the same day at no extra charge for the continental United States. A shipping surcharge will be added to international purchases.

Give us a call at 214-793-1155 to schedule your fingerprinting appointment or to purchase the blank fingerprinting cards.

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