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Dallas Fingerprinting Service

ACS Dallas Fingerprinting and Notary Services of Dallas, TX is a leading private certified fingerprinting agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Metroplex. This mobile fingerprinting and notary company provides office and mobile appointments.

ACS Dallas Fingerprinting and Notary Services is considered to be a top choice for mobile fingerprinting and mobile notary services in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX including all points in between.

We offer among the lowest mobile fingerprinting and mobile notary rates in the DFW area without sacrificing quality workmanship. ACS Dallas Fingerprinting and Notary Services maintains an extraordinarily low rejection rate of less than 1% so customers can rest assured they are dealing with a professional, TXDPS Certified Fingerprinting Technician, with over 25 years in experience in law enforcement.  In addition, discounts are automatically awarded to corporate groups and families that request fingerprinting and notary services.

For more information, feel free to navigate around our website ( https://acsfingerprinting.com or http://www.dallasfingerprinting.com ) or call us at (214)793-1155 to obtain a low rate quote and to schedule a convenient appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online at your convenience.

ACS Dallas Fingerprinting and Notary Services uses the standard FD-258 Fingerprint Cards for the criminal background checks. We can fingerprint on other types of fingerprint cards too, such as FINRA cards, SF-87A cards, child safe program cards, passport & Immigration forms, or any fingerprint card or form requiring ink fingerprinting (except for Florida or Virginia CHL).

Some of the processes we fingerprint for are: Pre-employment fingerprinting – Adoption fingerprinting – FDIC fIngerprinting – FINRA Fingerprinting – Nursing license fingerprinting – Legal name change fingerprinting – Census Bureau worker fingerprinting – Government contractor fingerprinting – Canadian Immigration fingerprinting – Australian Immigration fingerprinting – Mexican Immigration Fingerprinting – Texas Lottery Commission fingerprinting, and much more.

Business Owner, Jay K Kreps, is a Certified Fingerprint Technician as approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau  #TX Y148 CPSA 1210.

When required and as requested, Jay will prove his official certification to you prior to conducting the fingerprinting process. ACS will provide the highest quality of classifiable ink based fingerprinting available in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex. All work is guaranteed. At expert level, Jay has fingerprinted thousands with an extraordinarily small rejection rate of less than 1%.

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