No Black Ink Fingerprinting for TX CHL permits

Dallas Fingerprinting & Notary Service is no longer able to do Concealed Handgun License (CHL) fingerprinting for the states of Texas, Florida or Virginia. We can however process CHL cards for Utah.
Texas now requires CHL applicants to do electronic fingerprinting through Morpho Trust (F.A.S.T.) authorized locations. You will need to schedule an appointment online with them at

At this time, the states of Florida and Virginia will only accept fingerprints recorded from your local law enforcement agency – police station or sheriff’s department. They will reject them if completed by a private contractor, even though we are certified to record ink fingerprints for any other reason.
Again, ACS – Dallas Fingerprinting is certified and authorized to record ink fingerprinting for any other reason besides CHL in only Texas, Florida and Virginia.

Please call 214) 793-1155 to make an appointment or ask questions.

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  • jcarr19 says:

    I have a client that used Morpho Trust (FAST) services several weeks ago for fingerprinting to register in private security. I learned last week that the FBI rejected these prints that were submitted by them. As a former DPS officer and fingerprint examiner I now question the purpose of requiring people to use the electronic process. I have yet to have any prints rejected that I have personally acquired through the ink method. This is the first instance of an electronic submission rejection I have encountered. I am curious to know if there are more.

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